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The classification and application in different fields of galvanized steel pipe

Along with the increase of developed countries, the development of new type of steel pipe such as galvanized steel pipe is in the application in different fields gradually. Galvanized steel pipe can be categorized into hot dipped galvanized steel pipe and cold galvanized steel pipe in terms of production craft. Nowadays, the application scope of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is larger than that of cold galvanized steel pipe. Because the former pipe can be used in various environments including hash environments. Besides, it also boasts the performance of strong resistance to corrosion, which is trusted by many enterprises. For cold galvanized steel pipe, it can not be accepted by steel pipe market for its harmful effect to the environment. Now we can make a comparison about this two types of steel pipe.

steel conduit

The most common pipe in our daily life is hot dipped galvanized steel pipe. Therefore, galvanized steel conduit which belongs to the classification of it also has a wide application range such as construction, coal mine, automobile industry, sports facilities and so on. The formation of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe goes through many kinds of processing procedures as well as a series of cleaning process in advance. So the zinc surface of it is quite smooth and evenly, which lead to a long term of service life.

In contrast, the corrosion resistance of cold galvanized steel pipe is not as strong as hot dipped galvanized steel pipe. Moreover, its zinc quantity is highly symmetrical, which is only suitable for small-scale enterprises. The equipment from small steel pipe manufacturers is relatively backward so the products are seldom hot selling in the steel pipe market. For this aspect, some enterprises will choose hot dipped galvanized steel pipe as their own processing parts to carve out a new path for the enterprise development.

Galvanized square steel pipe is used in different areas so the steel pipe specification is various to meet different requirements. For national standard, the specification of galvanized steel pipe is GB/T3091-2008, which belongs to low pressure type of welded steel pipe and it can be used as water pipe. Steel pipe price is an important factor when choosing pipes. However, we meed to bear the pipe quality in our mind in making decision. For example, poor quality pipe will easily form lots of dirt after a period of time, which will affect the project safety. So replacing galvanized steel pipe on a regular basis is necessary, so does choosing high quality steel pipe. Any questions about this topic?

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