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Process and application range of hot dipped steel pipe

An alloy is formed by the reaction of a metal with an iron. What is the production process of hot dipped steel conduit? Actually, before producing hot dipped galvanized steel conduit, it will be dipped into acid solution to clean the surface. Then, it will also goes through the second cleaning in the mixed solution made of zinc chloride and ammonium chloride to remove ferric chloride on the surface. After washing, it will be placed into the zinc solution to hot galvanize. During this process, the chemical reaction between the steel tube and the zinc plating solution can form a complex alloy layer which can protect the pipe from wear and tear easily.

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The application scope of galvanized steel pipe is quite large in the construction industry such as fire and power circuit piping system. The wire will appear in the wall or outside of the wall. Of course, it can also be a suspension in the air. In our daily life, galvanized steel conduit is very common. Phones or computer wires need to be protected by steel conduit to avoid the phenomenon of electricity leakage which can be harmful to people’s life. So, no matter in the industry production or our own life, galvanized steel pipe will be exposed to our surroundings.

In the steel pipe market, a kind of steel pipe is made by adding material to increase its corrosion resistance and service life. The name of this steel pipe is JDG pipe and you can read the article‘JDG pipe for special protective pipeline’ to know more information about this steel pipe. Many people think that the widely application of this steel pipe to a certain extent will affect the market prospect of the hot dipped galvanized steel pipe. Actually, the worry is not necessary. They are two forms of existence in the steel pipe market.

The production cost of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is higher than that of JDG pipe for the complex processing procedures of the former pipe . So the steel pipe price is different between them. Of course, their essential function is similar and both of their quality is in line with the country standard. Besides, it will be customized according to national standards. Steel pipe manufacturers should pay a close eye on the relevant policy. Are there any questions about hot dipped steel pipe? Contact us freely or leave messages below.

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