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Powerful JDG pipe for circuit protection

Do you know what is steel conduit in the steel pipe market? In fact, steel conduit used to thread wires is a kind of wire casing which is used to prevent the external force to make the wire damage. Electric wire is the carrier of carrying current transport and the electricity will not succeed if the wire is damaged. Therefore, wire protection is very important for the normal power supply and after protecting by steel conduit, the wires will have a long service life. JDG tube can play a more powerful role in the protection of wires.

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Do you know the basic information about JDG tube? Actually, this is a new type of wire protective sleeve. The production material which has the role of corrosion and compression resistance in the harsh environments is environmental friendly. This type of steel pipe is also known as a set of galvanized steel pipe. So the property of the JDG pipe is quite well compared with other common pipes. All these information is a brief understanding of what is JDG pipe. You can also make a comparison between JDG pipe and other threading pipes to better understanding its performances.

The common type of steel conduit also includes hot dipped galvanized steel pipe which is galvanized with a layer of zinc on the pipe surface. Because of its zinc surface, its corrosion effect is much better than that of raw pipes. With the development of the technology craft, there is more to steel conduit than only one type or specification. How to choose the desirable steel conduits? It depends on the application conditions. For example, we can choose the common type in our living environment and galvanized metal pipe is more suitable if the environment is very atrocious.

What is the common type of steel conduit nowadays? The SC pipe is on the list. This pipeline is an ordinary welding pipe and its function is also not very prominent. Steel pipe price is quite economical for many customers who are willing to compare the SC pipe and JDG pipe. The performance of these two pipes is different. JDG pipe has a better performance in terms of corrosion and compression resistance. Protecting wires with more powerful steel conduit is a wise choice, which can extend the service life and reduce the construction cost. Circuit protection work is vital to residents and hope you are interested in our steel conduits. Looking forward to your attention.

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