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Application knowledge about welded steel pipe

In production operations, welded steel pipe is widely used and it is also the main products in the steel pipe market. The raw material of major types of welded steel pipe is steel which is very solid and has a long service time. Welded steel pipe is very stable no matter in the corrosion or compression condition. It can be divided into spiral welded steel pipe and straight welded steel pipe according to the welding method.

The pipe will be called straight welded steel pipe if the welding interface is a straight line while the welding interface of spiral welded steel pipe is curve. Different types of pipe play different role in construction project because of their different performances and steel pipe prices is also different in the market.

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Among straight welded steel pipe, it can be also made a more detailed classification which is divided on the base of shape. Besides we can also make another classification according to their application. The shape refers to the shape of the steel pipe cross section if your classification standard is pipes’ shape. There are two main shapes that is round steel pipe and square steel pipe. We can know that their cross section is different depending on their name. they can be also distinguished clearly according to the application and the usage scope of round steel pipe is more extensive. As a consumer, you should acquire some information in advance.

Another classification method is base on the relationship between the steel pipe application and its name that is we can know their application according to their name. customers are more familiar with galvanized steel pipe because of its zinc coating. We all know that zinc is a kind of insulating material which is widely used in our daily life so the quality of galvanized steel pipe is higher than that of the ordinary one. Galvanized steel pipe will be used in the situations where there is a high demand for the insulation.

In addition to the above description, maybe we are more concerned about the price fluctuation. The price of welded steel pipe will be affected by lots of factors such as raw material price, transportation and production cost and so on. So it is very difficult to grasp the price trend but such fluctuations are normal and reasonable. As a Chinese B2B steel pipe company, we should choose good factories which can provide exquisite products and learn some application knowledge to ensure the safety.

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