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Scaffolding tube

Scaffolding tube is also called Scaffolding pipe.When it comes to building construction, the scaffolding will come to our mind. Do you know what is scaffolding? By reading the article ‘Different types of construction scaffolding’, you can get a basic knowledge about scaffolding. However, it is the scaffolding tube which consist of scaffolding that matters. To acquire some information about scaffolding tube is necessary. As you know, scaffolding tubes are metal sections of pipe used to erect a scaffold. When building construction structures, the fundamental equipment for the project is a set of scaffolding. What is the function of scaffolding? Generally, it can allow workers to access the upper levels of a building and guarantees a safety operation. Of course, scaffolding tube can adjust its length so that the length is best suited to a particular job because the length of structure is different. In addition, they also vary in size as well as function based on intended application.


Speaking of scaffolding tube, we can divide it into three types that is standards, ledgers, transom as well. Black steel pipe can be regarded as raw material of a scaffolding. The role of standards which is the vertical scaffolding tube is regarded as a support for the entire structure. Ledgers run horizontally between the standards so as to provide lateral support. While transom run perpendicular to ledgers. Besides, transoms are used to add stability to the structure, providing a surface which can uphold platforms. All these of scaffolding tubes can be jointed by couplers which can prevent excess movement.

We all know that steel or aluminum are used to make scaffolding tubes such as round steel pipe. If you choose steel tubes, the scaffolding will be heavier with exceptionally strong ability. In contrast to steel tubes, aluminum tubes are much lighter which can not support huge object. If you use composite material, the price tend to be fairly expensive. According to your project, scaffolding tubes can be cut to desired length, usually around 20 feet. The width is usually a standard size. In most cases, steel tubes are galvanized such as pre galvanized steel pipe with a layer of zinc which can prevent rust and corrosion because the operation environment is outside. For aluminum tubes, they are not need to be coated with zinc because the aluminum itself possess the ability of resisting to rust and corrosion. If you do not want to galvanize scaffolding tubes, you can adopt other chemical treatment such as painting or oiling. All things considered, do you have any extra questions about scaffolding tubes? Contact us at any time.

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