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How to differentiate galvanized steel pipe

The application of galvanized steel pipe in our daily life is more extensive . According to the different demands as well as production processing, the material selection of steel tube, processing technology are also different. Nowadays, the most widely application of steel tube is galvanized steel pipe which has become a typical representative. The quality is very well and it has superior performances. Of course, according to the different requirements in the field of production and processing, the production process of steel tube is different. In terms of galvanized steel pipes, it also has different processing and classification, so how to distinguish the galvanized steel pipe?

hot dipped galvanized steel pipe

According to the classification of galvanized steel pipe, it mainly can be divided into hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing. From the point of the production process, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe can form good coating by molten metal reaction with iron, which can extend the service life of steel tube. Besides, the requirements of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe production are very high and the process is quite complex. The iron oxide on the pipe surface need to be got rid of, then goes through pickling to enable the zinc coating more evenly as well as has stronger adhesion. Therefore, this kind of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe will boast stronger corrosion resistance ability.
Except for hot galvanizing steel tube, we can also have a look at cold galvanizing steel tube. Actually, another name of cold galvanized steel pipe is also called electric galvanized. Compared with hot dipped galvanized steel pipe, the quality of the zinc content is less like pre galvanized steel pipe, so the cold galvanizing tube is not widely used in today’s life and it is only used in some relatively small production plants and can not be used for water and gas pipelines.

The relationship between the application and the term of the steel pipe is related to the selection of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, which should be paid attention to. However, in the actual selection of the steel pipe what should you think about? In general, we should select a professional steel pipe manufacturer who can provide customers with premium steel pipes. Of course, our own demands are also very important. The consideration also includes the length of the pipe diameter size, material, steel pipe specification and so on. This is the knowledge about zinc-plated steel pipes and the selection of the products.

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