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How to differentiate when buying hot galvanized steel pipe

Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is a kind of popular steel pipe in the steel tube market, which is distinguished from ordinary steel pipe such as black steel pipe. The difference is that hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is produced on the basis of common steel pipe by further processing production which is galvanized by zinc on the surface of the general steel pipe. This method is called hot dipped galvanizing to form a kind of insulation performance.

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Speaking of the classification of the steel pipe, there is a small classification which is different from hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing. The so-called hot galvanizing is a solution that directly immerses the tube in zinc, then the steel pipe will be coated with a layer of zinc on the pipe surface that is hot dipped galvanized steel pipe. Another galvanizing method which is called cold galvanizing that is different from the former one. Generally speaking, the application effect of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is better than that of cold galvanized steel pipe. Of course, the production cost is also higher accordingly. Due to the different methods of zinc plating, there is a great difference in the thickness of the zinc layer. Besides, by transverse section, steel tube can be very easy to distinguish.

In addition, another difference is between round steel pipe and square steel pipe. The so-called galvanized square pipe refers to a square steel tube that is plated with zinc, while the other is a circular steel tube. The difference between the two kinds of steel pipes is the shape of the cross-section of the steel tube. In the same case, the insulation effect should be the same. The difference in shape also means that the application will be applied to different areas in order to meet customer requirements.

What are the downstream industries of galvanized steel pipes? In fact, in today’s galvanized steel pipe market, this kind of steel pipe has more downstream industry. For example, some electric industry needs galvanized steel tube because galvanized steel pipe and other types of steel pipe have very good insulation, so are the line installation and other industries. It will require a large number of galvanized steel pipes, especially for hot galvanizing steel pipes. However, the steel pipe price is also very high. In addition to the electronics industry, some home decoration industries will also need to use this kind of steel pipe. In a word, the market for galvanized steel pipes is very good.

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