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Do you know the galvanized steel welding?

We are very familiar with galvanized steel pipe widely used in construction fields. However, do you know what is galvanized steel welding? It is a kind of process through which two pieces of steel can be fused together by welder operator. It is reasonable to undergo the galvanization process in ways that prevent oxidization. It is often reckoned to be one of the most dangerous types of welding with respect to the fumes generated from the excessive heat. The heat from galvanized steel welding process is applied to the galvanized layer of steel, which makes the dangerous clear. Although the basic knowledge about welding process is basically the same, more experienced welder operator are qualified for this job compared with ordinary MIG or TIG welder because of the danger associated with galvanized steel welding.

Under high temperature circumstances, the process of welding two pieces of steel together can happen. The heat may be exceeding 15,000 degrees Fahrenheit as well as confined to 2.400 degrees F in the welding process in case of melting steel. For cold rolled steel pipe, anneal process is also conducted under high temperature. Temperature plays a significant role in welding process. Temperature at which zinc becomes vaporized is under 1,000 degrees F, which has been reached for welding temperature. That is a problem for welding a piece of galvanized steel.

galvanized steel welding

As vaporizing zinc problem exists, there are some methods of galvanized steel welding such as waiting to galvanize the pieces after the weld has taken shape. This measure can reduce danger in welding, so it is widely employed after shape come into being. Of course, you can read the article ‘Cold rolling processing’ to understand more information about cold rolling process so as to compare it with galvanized steel welding which requires protecting the weld during the galvanization.

In many manufacturing environments, for steel pipe manufacturer, time constraints and efficiency is critical. Conventional galvanized steel welding method is more commonly, though the danger is still present. Given many fabrication facilities are lack of necessary equipment used for galvanizing the material after welding, the method is a good choice. Do you know the applications of galvanized steel? We all know that steel pipe with zinc coating can resist rusting. Galvanized steel can be used for creating rust-resistant cables for suspension bridges. Many items exposed to external environment need to be coated with zinc as well as being welding together. Galvanized steel welding has become more common in outdoor applications. Do you want to know more information about different kinds of processing?

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