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Industrial material-welded steel pipe

Straight seam welded steel pipe is the professional noun in industrial steel processing. The professional noun is used to describe the shaped steel according to certain size and shape and then welding directly. The steel pipe which is processed by directly welding can be called straight seam welded steel pipe. The pipe which is processed by this method, no matter round or square steel pipe, has a obvious linear in the place of juncture. Do you know the property of welded steel pipe? Do you know the basic knowledge about it especially about the application? Now, we can talk more about this topic.

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The common application area of welded steel pipe is industrial production where the major material is steel pipe such as cold rolled steel pipe. The pipe can be used as liquid or gas transportation pipelines. Besides, it can play a supporting role in the industrial construction, which is conducive to expanding its application scope. Therefore, welded steel pipe that is widely used in bridges and buildings has multiple application type such as petrochemical engineering and it can also be applied in civil engineering. As industrial demand is different, most of the straight seam welded steel pipes have strict requirements in terms of size and shape. For straight seam welded steel pipe, the common type is round steel pipe which can meet different requirements of project. After welding, it can be in line with the demand of the reality of length diameter. Of course, different welded steel pipes have different steel pipe price which is a very important factor determining not only purchase decision but also the steel pipe quality.

For the specification of welded steel pipe in construction industrial, there are obvious requirements. For example, after welding, the surface of the welded steel pipe should be smooth without welding crack or other welding signs which can represent the welding techniques. If the welding techniques can not meet the demands, it will be cracked easily after applied into industrial area because of the friction as well as the pressure. The processing length of straight seam welded steel pipe is about 4-10 meters. After processing, steel pipe manufacturers should make a quality inspection carefully so that to guarantee the pipe quality. The inspection methods include chemical and physical inspection, among this, the physical inspection can guarantee the industrial safety. If you are interested into more information, hope you can contact us freely.

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