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Optimization of glass beams

When considering the role of the curtain wall panel, the utilization rate of the glass beam is relatively low (less than 60%), so it is necessary to optimize the glass web (glass rib) to reduce the amount of glass and increase the use space of the glass structure. First, we discuss the situation of epoxy resin bonding, and then model and analyze the two cases of only changing the height of web (glass rib), and first changing the thickness and then changing the height. The analysis method is to change the size of the web (glass rib) when the width of the head flange (panel) is 828, so that the utilization rate of the bearing capacity of the T-beam can reach the target value (about 90%). Then, the analysis models of flanges (panels) with single side width of 828mm, 700mm, 600mm, 500mm, 400mm, 300mm, 200mm and 100mm were established to determine the corresponding effective width of curtain wall facade(panels), and finally confirm the optimization scheme of T-beam.

curtain wall

After trial calculation, two optimization schemes are finally obtained: the core section of the first optimization scheme is 20mm thick ×220mm high, and the core section of the second optimization scheme is 16mm thick ×245mm high (that is, 8mm glass raw). When the original piece of the glass rib is changed from 10mm to 8mm, the optimization effect is the best. Therefore, the same method is used to obtain the optimal plan for steel connection. The core section is 16mm thick ×250mm high. It can be seen that after considering the effect of the curtain glass window, when the maximum stress is similar, the cross section of the glass rib can be reduced, in which the method of changing the thickness of the glass can reduce the cross section of the glass rib by more than 30%. Because epoxy resin bonding is linear connection, its material saving effect is better.
When epoxy resin was used to bond the glass panel to the glass ribs, the effect of the glass panel on the glass structure was very obvious. When the flange width was 100mm, the stress and deflection of the glass column were reduced by 16.9% and 37.7% compared with those without flange. When unilateral flange width of 300 mm, glass column parts of maximum stress and maximum deflection drop speed is slow, the maximum deflection of the free edge of custom curtain wall is bigger than the value of glass column center shaft deflection value. Therefore, it can be considered that the effective flange width of the T-shaped glass column is 300mm, that is, the maximum stress of the T-shaped glass column is 26.648MPa and the maximum deflection is 13.405mm.

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