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How to defend typhoons for curtain wall

According to relevant data show that the typhoon occurs, the typhoon damage to buildings, mostly through the typhoon circulation wind pressure and the entrancement of hurricane solid debris impact, first the weakest glass part of the building damage, broken glass splash causing damage to the people life and property, then the strong wind into the room, forming pressurization destructive of the unitized glazing system, In the worst cases, it can blow off roofs and even destroy entire structures. Therefore, the anti-hurricane performance of building glass is directly related to the possibility of people’s life and property being threatened and the whole building being damaged. Glass is one of the most sensitive parts of the outer protective structure of doors and Windows curtain wall building, which needs to be protected in order to avoid typhoon becoming a disaster.

At present, the wind pressure design of doors and Windows and curtain walls in China, the main factor to consider is that the maximum stress design value of glass under wind load can not exceed the standard value of glass strength under short-term load, deflection requirements and bearing capacity limit state and normal use limit state requirements; The performance testing of structural glass curtain wall mainly focuses on air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance performance; However, there is a lack in the design and test of the key technical index of typhoon resistance, which is the resistance to the impact of wind-carried debris under the condition of repeated pressure circulation. In the design of the curtain wall of the doors and Windows of the building, the main consideration is function, aesthetic. However, in order to ensure the functional and aesthetic properties of these buildings during the design life, local natural disasters, such as typhoons, need to be taken into account. The requirements of preventing these natural disasters are as important as the requirements of daily functions.

The advancement of technical standards and product development does not mean the popularization of products. Based on the above standard is not mandatory, not binding, so the implementation of the implementation is relatively limited, China’s coastal areas of curtain wall construction, doors and Windows engineering has rarely done a special design, test and universal application of typhoon performance. It is suggested that the typhoon prevention level of buildings in China’s coastal areas should be improved by adding the requirements of the characteristics of wind protection and debris impact into the code of the curtain wall of doors and Windows.

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