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U-shaped glass curtain wall

U-shaped glass, also known as groove glass, is a continuous production of calendering molding method, because its cross section is U-shaped, so called U-shaped glass, tempered processing is called tempered U-shaped glass. There are many varieties of U-shaped glass, which can be divided into embossed glass and colored glass according to the surface treatment. According to the color can be divided into colored and colorless; According to the surface state can be divided into smooth and with patterns; It can be classified as tempered and untempered by strength. U-shaped glass is a typical transparent material, because its section is U-shaped, used as channel steel, so its bearing capacity and strength is great for custom curtain wall. The curtain wall constructed by U-shaped glass has ideal light transmittance, heat insulation, heat preservation and high mechanical strength, wide use, simple construction, and has a unique architectural and decorative effect, and can save a lot of light metal profiles, so it is used by many countries in the world. U-shaped glass can be used in indoor partition, and can be widely used in external walls.

1. U-shaped glass curtain wall has not only the sense of stability and weight of non-transparent curtain wall, but also the sense of fine glass curtain wall and dexterity, with excellent decorative effect. 2. U-shaped glass curtain wall is non-flammable and has excellent fire resistance; U-shaped glass almost no radiation, reduce light pollution, good environmental protection. 3. U-shaped glass curtain wall has no color difference, and the color is diverse, and it has absolute advantage compared with natural stone curtain wall and metal curtain wall. 4. U-shaped glass curtain wall can be constructed perfect glass curtain wall, because the water absorption rate of U-shaped glass is very low, so the U-shaped glass curtain wall does not have the usual defects of natural stone dust, water absorption and oil absorption, so the surface of u-shaped modern curtain wall is very clean, and the decorative effect is remarkable.

The U-shaped glass curtain wall can be constructed in single row or double row. The cost of single row U-shaped glass curtain wall is lower, but its sound insulation performance and thermal performance is poor, so the double row U-shaped glass structure should be used when the thermal or sound insulation performance of U-shaped glass wall is required. U-shaped glass is a transparent and non-fluoroscopic product. PC sunlight board can be set between the double rows of curtain wall panel to increase its thermal performance and sound insulation performance, and still has light transmittance. Double rows of U-shaped glass can be arranged with opposite or staggered joints.

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