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How to avoid curtain wall glass structural sealant failure

So far, structural glass curtain wall has been dramatically used in modern high-rise buildings. In practical applications, as a result of increased industry recognition of the importance of energy efficiency, the trend is towards more energy-efficient glazing systems. However, considering that the glass curtain wall has long been affected by the unfavorable factors of the natural environment, such as wind, sun, rain, ultraviolet radiation, earthquakes, etc., it is a must for the glass curtain wall to have weather resistance, durability, as well as corrosion resistance as a bonding material in applications.

Edge Seal Types
There are various edge seal designs on the market today. It’s important to select an edge seal system that is appropriate for the unit’s size, location, and installation method in your curtain wall construction. As a rule, the more durable edge seal systems have incorporated a design with a good vapor barrier and an effective weather barrier that structurally bonds the glass together for the life of the unit. Dual-sealed systems incorporating a primary seal and secondary seal leverage the strengths of different sealants and provide a level of redundancy in the event of small manufacturing defects. For larger units in high-rise building construction, dual-sealed systems leveraging the vapor resistance and water tightness of polyisobutalene for the primary seal and the water resistance, durability, and structural strength of silicone are regarded as some of the best-performing systems, provided both seals are continuous

In addition, it is suggested to avoid the use of the hidden frame glass curtain wall, and also must protect the glass curtain wall that has passed the quality guarantee period. Specifically speaking, fences, green belts, and hanging curtains are placed around the glass curtain wall to prevent falling glass damage and passing pedestrians and vehicles. The second is to use the bright frame and semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall as much as possible, because even if the structural adhesive fails, the chance of glass falling will be greatly reduced due to the support and constraints of the curtain wall frames. At the same time, we should pay attention to the brand identity of domestic certified rubber. Dong Peng Bo Da Steel Pipe Group is a famous steel pipe manufacturer in China. We are committed to producing various types of steel products for your choice in your building project in future. Our products are all designed for the fast and easy installation of curtain walls. Contact us if you have any need in your project.

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