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Commercial structural glass curtain wall buildings

Nowadays, curtain wall systems are designed to provide an added layer of protection against the elements for large-scale commercial buildings. These walls are usually constructed of durable glass and aluminum and can provide much needed stability and added insulation against outdoor temperatures.

In most cases, structural glass curtain wall are widely used in commercial buildings, which can provide added structural stability for tall structures as well as can reduce sway and protect against high winds and geological events. By deflecting wind and rain away from the exterior of the building, these curtains can reduce the risk of damage to exterior surfaces. Besides, commercial glass curtain walls can enhance the appearance of buildings to create a beautiful facade, and can also provide added protection against the spread of fire, especially in high-rise developments. On the other hand, regular maintenance is required to ensure the most attractive appearance and the best performance for your curtain walls in applications. Making sure that any cracks, chips or other damage is repaired promptly, which is critical to ensure that your curtain walls remain intact and that they continue to look and perform at their best now and for many years.

In general, curtain walls differ from storefront systems in that they are designed to span multiple floors. Taking into consideration design requirements such as: thermal expansion and contraction, building sway and movement, water diversion, and thermal efficiency for cost-effective heating, cooling, and lighting as well as curtain wall cost of commercial buildings are generally very important before you would like to start your curtain wall building project in future. Since structural glass curtain wall system is non-structural, it can be made of lightweight materials, thereby reducing construction costs. When glass is used as the curtain wall, an advantage is that natural light can penetrate deeper within the building. The curtain wall facade does not carry any structural load from the building other than its own dead load weight. In addition, giving attention to thermal performance is crucial with curtain walls. The large spans of glass can make control of heat gain and “too bright” light challenging in applications.

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