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Do you know something about electro-galvanization?

We are well-informed that black steel pipe need processing with different kinds of chemical methods in construction industry in ways that protect them from rusting or corrosion. For example,  electro-galvanization is a process employed to metalworking as a corrosion prevention measure. The surface of steel pipe can be dusted with a layer of zinc to inhibit rust and corrosion by zinc electroplating process or galvanization process. This metal plating protects the steel, for zinc is not subject to normal corrosion. Do you want to know the process of electroplating? Let’s discuss about it.

Speaking of electroplating process, a solution of zinc and saline is born in our mind with a sacrificial zinc anode. When the steel pipe is galvanized, zinc anode should be attached to the positive side of the power source with electrical current. Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is immersed in zinc solution to create a thick zinc layer. The positive zinc ions are attached to the negatively charged steel by preceding manner. In order to prevent corrosion, a great variety of construction products are processed by this method such as galvanized nails, steel pipes as well as screws. In addition, more and more automotive industries are committed to expanding the application scope of electro-galvanization. For example, they adopt this measure to protect body panels and other equipments of automobiles.

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As an anti-corrosion layer, zinc coating is common for products exposed to external environment like weather conditions or corrosive elements. Products coated with zinc layer like pre galvanized steel pipe will possess a long life span compared with regular products, for electro-galvanization has a high rust prevention quality. Application scope of electro-galvanization is expansive, ranging from wire fences to highway signs and household appliances as well. Long–lasting steel products is prevailing in construction industry especially for erecting structures.

Adding chemical components to the zinc and saline solution is beneficial to the quality of products in the electroplating process. Taking automotive manufacturers as an example, we find that they are likely to use a technique called prephosphating attached to paint surface to improve adhesion ability. The chemical elements can be embedded in the electroplated zinc layer to prolong the service life of the products. However, the process of electro-galvanization vary greatly compared with that of zinc plating. The former is more permanent by the process of hot dipping because of molecular level, an important distinction. Zinc plating is in contrary to electro-galvanization which is quite common. Steel pipe manufacturers should make clear about these two processes so as to offer desired steel pipes. Learn something from this article? And any other questions?

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