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Unique new “material” :galvanized aluminum magnesium photovoltaic bracket

Photovoltaic brackets are composed of U channel or C channel made of zinc, aluminum and magnesium and supporting and connecting accessories. They can not only be easily transported and assembled, but also have the advantages of easy maintenance, long service life and low economic cost. They are indispensable for photovoltaic power stations. One of the missing material accessories.

In recent years, with the widespread application of solar power plants, the selection of coating materials in various corrosive environments and special environments has become the focus of everyone’s attention. Photovoltaic brackets, as the core skeletal system that protects the entire photovoltaic power plant, have increasingly higher requirements for their material performance. In recent years, we have continued to develop and innovate, and continue to provide users with efficient and flexible solutions to reduce the cost of electricity. We use galvanized aluminum-magnesium photovoltaic brackets to replace traditional brackets.

The biggest feature of Dongpeng Boda New Energy Company‘s galvanized aluminum-magnesium photovoltaic bracket is that on the basis of zinc plating, alloy elements such as Al, Mg, Ni, and Cr are added. The zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating consists of primary zinc phase, zinc/zinc-magnesium binary The eutectic phase and the zinc, aluminum and magnesium ternary eutectic phase form a dense barrier on the surface of the steel plate that effectively prevents corrosion factors from penetrating. Greatly improved corrosion resistance.

1. Corrosion resistance: The magnesium (Mg) component in the coating is conducive to promoting the formation of a very stable and well-organized fine protective film – simonkolleite (Zn 5 (OH) 8 Cl 2 · H 2 O), which is formed on the surface of the coating and Maintains a film-like covering layer to exhibit excellent corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of galvanized aluminum-magnesium is 5-12 times that of zinc plating.

2. Self-healing performance: The upper coating of the processed cut surface of the steel plate dissolves and gradually covers the cut surface, promoting the formation of a stable protective film. In the initial process, red rust will occur on the exposed cut surface, but after the protective film forms a film-like covering on the cut surface, it hinders further corrosion. Coated products containing magnesium and aluminum elements form a dense protective film on the cut area over time due to the flow of magnesium elements, increasing corrosion resistance; the galvanized cut surface only generates a non-densely arranged and porous covering. The iron substrate at the incision site was not covered after the test.

3. Friction resistance: It has a low friction coefficient and stable friction characteristics, which is very beneficial to stamping. It can reduce the amount of coating wear, thereby reducing the roughening defects of parts.

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