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Introduction of corrosion test

Steel pipe is well known to be widely used in construction industry. It is crucial for contractors to protect construction materials exposed to external environments. Do you know how to protect these materials such as steel pipes, wires, steel meshes? You can read the article ‘Do you know something about electro-galvanization?’ for your reference, it will help you to understand some basic knowledge about protection. Corrosion is detrimental to materials, so corrosion test plays an significant role in the overall construction. What is a corrosion test? As you know, a corrosion test is a type of materials test in ways that prevent chemical reactions that might cause damage. In corrosion testing offered by many materials testing laboratories, we should create simulated conditions then analyze for signs of cracking, fatigue and other damages. Of course, the cost vary because of differentiated materials and types of tests.

A lot of damages can cause rust, cracking, pitting, splitting and so on. On a low level, corrosion is just an aesthetic problem, actually, it can seriously compromise a material, then the material will fail to play a part in the overall project especially for black steel pipe underpinning the foundation. Corroded fittings will become a potential risk for effective operation. It is important to pay more attention to the products design so as to limit the possibility of corrosion damage leading to construction failure.

corrosion study

Do you know how to select the desired testing? It may depend on the materials and the needs. If you want to test components of space shuttles, they are tested very rigorously. Because we can not neglect even a very low error for space shuttle components. For hot rolled steel pipe used as vegetable greenhouse materials, it do not require such meticulous testing. We should get some knowledge in advance when objects are sent out for testing, for example, we can listen to the recommendations for a corrosion test made by testing lab.

In a basic corrosion test, the material is usually subjected to bad environment such as saltwater. The materials need to be monitored from beginning to the end to observe the on going chemical reactions that occur during the corrosion test. The machine can take down the notes of the testing points. Steel pipe manufacturers who produce new steel pipes can use corrosion testing to determine whether their products meet the needs of customers or not. This test is very destructive in nature. Do you have any questions about corrosion test?

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