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Agriculture Greenhouse For Planting Vegetables With Hydroponic System

Greenhouse system:Outside/inside shading system,cooling system,Ventilation system,hydroponic system,heating system,seedbed,control system,etc.

Agricultural Greenhouse/ Green house – European Style Multi-span film greenhouse:

– Modern, durable structure with easy assembly.

– High quality steel structure and long service life: main steel material are all hot dip galvanized with excellent anti-corrosion effectiveness.

– Prefabricated structure. All the parts can be easily assembled on the spot with joining parts and bolts and nuts, without any welding points to damage the zinc coating on the material, which guarantee the optimal

performance of anti-corrosion.

– Plastic film covering, for less investment, low cost and most economical way for large farm

– All systerms available: shading, cooling, heating, lighting, irrigation, fertigation, intelligent control, etc for option.

Structure characters:

1.Greenhouse adopted with whole steel keels as the holders which working life more than 15 years.PC sheet life is at least 10 years.

2.Strong wind/snow load resistance.

3. Bolted type framework, easy to install.

4.Multi-span design whit large interior space. It can offer high use ratio of the land and is good choices for extensive plantation and mechanized operation.


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