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Introduction of barrel plating

With steel pipe manufacturer facing mounting pressures about corrosion, surface processing of steel pipe become a prevalence for steel pipe companies of various kind. Do you know what is barrel plating? What is the application of barrel plating? In some cases, barrel plating is a kind of electroplating process which applies to even small shops. In the process of electroplating, manufacturers should use an electric current to transfer metal ions from one object to another. A protective layer can be formed on the surface of steel pipe to offer water resistance or corrosion resistance property. This method can go a long way towards protecting steel pipes from diverse corrosion such as water or other chemical liquid.

Galvanized steel pipe is an example of using zinc to cover steel pipe surface, which is widely used in moisture environment because of its much higher level of water resistance compared to uncoated objects. With respect to barrel plating, it derived from 19th century. At that time, barrels were used to hold the metal therefore, barrel plating got its name. with the technology development by a wide margin, plastic or composite containers take the place of barrels adopted by more and more manufacturers. In modern barrel electroplating, if users want to tumble the objects such as round steel pipe, the barrel will be set on a spindle. The tumbling is conducive to making the metal ions reachable, which is beneficial to spread out more evenly and thorough coating. Accidentally, do you know the advantages of barrel plating? The first advantage occur to our mind may be its speed and low cost. Multiple items can be coated at once with this method helping keep low price for labor as well as material cost. Besides, this method can also save time on batch orders, which is instrumental in maintaining the speed of high-volume products production.

barrel plating

Like other electroplating process, the mainly reason why adopting barrel plating method is its property of corrosion resistance. Of course, you can make a comparison between zinc plating and barrel plating to get a comprehensive knowledge of the two processing methods. Barrel plating can help to enhance corrosion resistance or add strength even to small objects, because it can create an even surface. If you want to process large objects, barrel plating will not be recommended, which do not fit well into the standard of barrel plating. Therefore, choosing an appropriate method is very important. Any questions about barrel plating?

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