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cost control principle of curtain wall project

The principle of cost control in curtain wall construction stage mainly includes the principle of overall control, the principle of objective management and the principle of open source and reduce expenditure. The implementation and implementation of the principle of overall control is mainly through the whole staff control and the whole process control to achieve. Full control mainly refers to the project construction cost control work through each staff related to the project construction, the construction cost directly affects the benefit the implementation of the project itself, every link in the process of project construction can be used as a key point of project cost control, both in construction and enterprise management is done by people, Therefore, it is an important means to realize the comprehensive control of project construction cost to control all personnel who affect the project construction cost. In the process of total staff control, it is necessary to ensure that all staff have a sense of cost control and put themselves into work with this sense of work.

Process control of curtain wall structure is mainly refers to the various involved in the process of engineering construction project cost consumption of every aspect of strict control, in the process of construction cost management, not only in view of the changes in the process of project construction cost to carry on the strict control, more to strengthen the management of fixed costs reasonable control, Variable cost and fixed cost can not be separated from the whole process of control within the scope.
The cost control of curtain wall project construction stage should follow the principle of objective management. Target management is the management for the project itself a fundamental way, the vast majority of curtain wall engineering cost control during operation are use this way to attain the goal of cost control, in addition, in the process of modern curtain wall itself to control, must according to the specific management objectives of cost first to be established, and the corresponding plans, specifications, requirements, inspections needed in the process of achieving the objectives are planned and the established procedures during the construction should be implemented in accordance with the provisions, without deviating from the established management objectives.
Curtain wall cost should follow the principle of open source throttling, in the process of cost control, in which various links involved in the economic benefits of cost control is the main target. In addition to the expenditure reasonable reduce outside, it still must be on the income of the budget reasonable increase, in order to achieve the goal of open source throttling, facilitate the economic benefits of the whole curtain wall project can be promoted.

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