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Commercial curtain walling

Over the past few years, there has been a shift in the use of glass and aluminium products in the building construction. With more and more architects using or choosing to use glass to help them create more aesthetically pleasing shop or office designs, curtain wall is becoming the best way to achieve quality and great looks.

When glass curtain walls replaced masonry construction in commercial buildings, the depth and reach of light penetration improved, reducing the need for artificial lighting and consequently, cutting down on lighting bills. In the modern curtain wall construction, glass curtain wall system features copious amounts of glass but it is best described as a ‘non-load bearing system of glazing’ in applications. This is then hung or attached to the buildings structure. Despite this however, usually the feature becomes an integral part of the buildings construction, both externally and internally. Furthermore, what makes some of the most impressive curtain wall designs even more amazing is that factors have had to be considered during the design and manufacturing processes to ensure the curtain wall can withstand the elements. Some of these factors include wind loading, solar shading, ventilation and thermal performance.

In recent years, with the continuous development of modern economy, curtain wall facade systems are widely used in commercial buildings for many different purposes. In practical applications, curtain wall systems are designed to provide an added layer of protection against elements for large-scale commercial buildings. There are various types of curtain wall systems constructed with durable glass and aluminum so as to provide much needed stability and added insulation against outdoor temperatures. Compared to reinforced concrete structure, curtain wall structure is not just a barrier to the external envelope of building, it is also crucial to the image and the perception of commercial buildings. A good curtain wall design system with excellent performance is essential from many aspects. Otherwise, it will cause large expenditure in future maintenance.

Additionally, a well-constructed glass curtain wall system can enhance energy efficiency and reduce the costs of heating and cooling in a commercial building. Particularly, aluminum curtain wall system is designed to be airtight in applications. In a properly sealed system, the air barrier is continuous from the glass panel to the mullions and the seals. Meanwhile, the airtight design prevents rain intrusion that could lead to costly cleanup and repairs. The glass, aluminum and sealant components of a curtain wall do not allow for absorption or evaporation of moisture, keeping moisture out of the interior section.

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