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Construction technology of ceramic sheet curtain wall

Construction preparation:
Material preparation: according to the drawings and engineering situation, prepare detailed material ordering and supply plan.
(2) Construction machinery and tools: to test the used machinery and tools, to ensure that its performance is good.
(3) Personnel preparation: technical training and disclosure for skilled workers. Technical preparation: familiar with drawings, prepare charts for atlas, quality acceptance criteria and internal data.

Positioning wiring:
According to the center line and elevation point provided by the curtain wall construction, based on the axis of the building and combined with the construction drawing of the buried parts, the position of the buried parts is positioned and laid out. Installation of embedded parts: Determine the installation position of embedded parts according to positioning and wiring. In the process of embedding, attention should be paid to the embedded parts and reinforcement binding, and should be set inside the main reinforcement; Embedded parts should not protrude on the surface of concrete, nor should they be larger than the size of the component; The position deviation of embedded parts should meet the requirements. The embedded parts of curtain wall frame are required to be accurate and firmly embedded. The elevation deviation is no more than 9mm, and the left and right displacement is no more than 20mm.

The glue injection requirements of this curtain wall are the same as those of concealed frame glass curtain wall, but the following points should be noted:
① The geometric size and the degree of integration of the plate should comply with the current national standard “Ceramic plate” GB/T23266 provisions;
(2) Before glue injection, the plate glue injection surface should be cleaned to prevent adhesion due to dust and other reasons;
(3) Stiffening ribs and aluminum alloy frame must be firmly connected, can not appear loose phenomenon;
④ Need to wait for the structural adhesive to reach the strength of the back net paste construction, back net using resin adhesive paste, glue should pay attention to smear evenly and make back net and stiffening rib fully bonded, to ensure that the back net and ceramic plate form a whole.

Measure the elevation center-line of embedded parts according to the civil construction elevation reference line and check elevation deviation of embedded parts; Find out the relationship between the curtain wall column and the building axis, measure the column axis according to the civil construction axis, and check the left and right deviation of the embedded parts. Sorting out the above measurement results, determine the aluminium curtain wall column separation adjustment treatment scheme. According to the design drawings and civil structure error to determine the curtain wall column outside the plane axis of the distance from the building outside the plane axis, the top of the wall in the appropriate position with piano line to determine the curtain wall column outside the plane axis.

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