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How to see the popularity of curtain wall construction nowadays

Nowadays, modern curtain wall design benefits building facades with glass and metal to protect the interior and its occupants from the elements and create a safe and comfortable environment. Besides, curtain walls are an excellent way to bring natural light into the building in applications.

Commercial Curtain Wall
For commercial buildings, glass curtain wall systems serve as a first line of defense against the worst of Texas wind and weather. By placing a layer of glass and aluminum between the outdoor world and your building, you can enjoy a number of important benefits. Meanwhile, regular maintenance is required to ensure the most attractive appearance and the best performance for commercial curtain walls in the long term. In short, the curtain wall can be utilized on virtually any type of business. In recent years, another system can be added to the exterior of your building or utilized for interior divisions between departments or as office walls. A glass hallway is a unique option that can be constructed to achieve an open office appearance.

Residential Curtain Wall
Just as large windows allowed natural light into interior spaces, curtain walls flooded the interiors with natural light. When glass walls replace masonry to be used in residential buildings, the depth and reach of light penetration have been greatly improved, reducing the need for artificial lighting and consequently, cutting down on lighting bills. Additionally, windowless areas toward the middle of the floor became appealing and usable workspaces. In residential applications, curtain walls can be constructed for exterior walls that showcase a beautiful view, interior partitions between rooms, as well as secondary structures, such as pool houses or garden sheds. In many residences, a large curtain wall is used in a living room, dining room, or kitchen. The public areas of a home are ideal for a curtain wall, but when privacy is not an issue, they blend well in bathrooms and bedrooms.

In the modern times, aluminium curtain wall is a thermally enhanced aluminum tubular glazing system both for commercial and residential applications. The benefit of an aluminum curtain wall is the reduction in required maintenance, as aluminum will not rot, rust, warp, expand with heat, or require constant finishing. Nevertheless, making sure that any cracks, chips or other damage is repaired promptly is critical to ensure that your curtain walls remain intact and that they continue to look and perform at their best now and for many years to come.

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