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Unit curtain wall waterproof

As we all know, there are three necessary conditions for leakage of curtain wall:
(1)The curtain wall surface should have gaps;
⑵ There should be water around the gap;
(3) The water should enter the curtain wall through the gap.
If one of these three requirements is missing, the leakage will not occur. Similarly, leakage can be minimized if the effects of these three conditions are minimized.

Construction waterproof
Also known as “structural waterproof”, this is the core difference between unit curtain wall and curtain wall frame. Component curtain wall generally uses the sealing method of waterproof, that is, the use of weatherproof sealant on all curtain wall surface gap sealing to achieve waterproof effect, the purpose is to eliminate the first necessary conditions of leakage. This waterproof method is not reliable, it depends on the following factors: sealant quality life, deformation capacity and compatibility; Construction conditions and construction technology and so on. There are many factors that need to be controlled. Once a link goes wrong, there is no gap on the curtain wall construction, which can not be guaranteed, leading to water seepage and leakage of the curtain wall.

The development of unit curtain wall is actually the progress of cross – position waterproof practice. As mentioned before, we are constantly improving the sealing design of this part in the right direction. So what is the wrong direction? In fact, when the unit curtain wall was just introduced into China, we swarmed around looking for foreign unit curtain wall information, and then felt the stones across the river, each show his power. At that time do unit curtain wall facade many are leaking, one reason is the processing level and strip quality can not keep up with, another more important reason, is also the frame curtain wall see seam glue habit moved to unit curtain wall, no careful consideration of the structure sealing waterproof system, multi-chamber pressure decline system, airtight system, etc. Resulting in the waste of a large number of sealant “plug holes” in the on-site installation, and even left some “unplug holes”, resulting in the negative news of the unit curtain wall at that time. The treatment of these parts is the key to the water and air tightness of the unit curtain wall. In the two main gaps, the gap of the horizontal watertight line is easier to deal with, because the deformation requirement of this joint is slightly lower, only the tensile deformation in the horizontal direction, the glue is not easy to tear failure, and the installation process is very easy to implement the glue injection, no block. The sealing of vertical watertight line and sealing plate is a little troublesome. In order to have operation space for gluing, the sealing of this part must be required in the male vertical material, and the unit plate must be inserted into the male material.

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