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lightning protection guide for curtain wall

Lightning is a natural discharge phenomenon in sky clouds. Lightning current is a transient process with great intensity in very short action time. When lightning strikes a building, it usually produces an electrical effect. The huge energy released by lightning in an instant will destroy the curtain wall building. High-rise building curtain wall of the metal material with the effects of the thunder and lightning, will produce a static induction effect. After the thunder-cloud instantaneous discharge, cloud and the electric field of the earth suddenly disappear, which will produce up to thousands of volts above ground potential, it will produce a harmful to people and equipment.

Lightning protection classification of building curtain wall
According to the regulation of national building lightning protection design specification, lightning protection of buildings is divided into three categories, of which the first type is mainly belong to the environment with explosion danger in the building, such as the use or storage of explosive detonator, gunpowder, explosives, such as buildings and so on, and at this stage we commonly used building curtain wall classification which were expounded mainly belong to the second or third class.
Two, curtain wall structure lightning protection measures
For the lightning protection measures of category I buildings and buildings with explosive dangerous environment, in addition to direct lightning protection, lightning protection measures should also be taken; The lightning protection measures for the second or third type of common building curtain wall are mainly against direct lightning. Main direct lightning prevention of building curtain wall, should not only consider the top direct lightning, but also consider lateral direct lightning, the top level of lightning is installed at the top of a building lightning protection, the lightning protection network generally in accordance with the provisions. In addition, a grid of no larger than 10m x 10m or 12m x 8m (the third type of grid is 20m x 20m or 24m x 16m for direct lightning protection) is formed on the whole roof. To prevent direct lightning from side to side, a series of closed pressure equalizing rings are installed between the layers of the curtain wall facade and then transmitted to the grounding device by leading down lines.
Lightning protection system device design of building curtain wall
The lightning protection device of building curtain wall mainly includes lightning receiver, lead down line and grounding device. In lightning protection design of aluminium curtain wall, should make full use of these devices of buildings, the building curtain wall vertical keel, transverse keel and building lightning protection network connected together as a whole lightning protection, the construction curtain wall of huge lightning energy, through the construction curtain wall system of lightning protection, quickly to the ground.

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