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Decorative curtain wall and curtain wall fabric

The traditional curtain wall has architectural functions, such as sealing, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and so on. But now public buildings widely use non – closed decorative curtain wall, its function is mainly to play the role of architectural art. Part of the decorative curtain wall also has the function of shading.

Single decorative curtain wall
Single-layer decorative curtain wall only blocks, separates the role of architectural space, or itself is only a work of architectural art. Therefore, more commonly used open metal plate, supported by steel pipe structure.
Exterior curtain wall of double curtain wall
In many projects, the inner curtain wall plays an architectural function, while the outer curtain wall only serves as an architectural decoration or plays a sunshade role. Because there is no need for sealing, the panel materials and curtain wall form can be much more free. Dense metal plate and open metal plate are the preferred materials for exterior curtain wall building.
Extensive application of new material panels
Ionic intermediate film laminated glass
Ionic intermediate film (trade name SGP, first developed by DuPont) is 5 times higher than the commonly used PVB film strength, shear modulus 50 times higher. If glass broken, it maintains a high residual bearing capacity, not sagging off, which has a high safety. After interlayer, the mechanical properties of glass are equivalent to the whole glass of the same thickness, so the thickness of glass can be reduced, and the weight of curtain glass window can be reduced. SGP laminated glass has been used in many projects.
SGP intermediate membrane also provides the conditions for the application of very large size glass. China has produced the largest 18m×3.6m ultra-hot bending tempered laminated glass and 6 laminated 18mx0.8m ultra-high glass ribs, which are used in Apple stores around the world.
When we are worried about the corrosion of steel plates, some architects have used rusty steel plates as decorative panels, which have a different style.
Copper plates are expensive and rarely used on curtain walls on a large scale. In 2014, liaoning Heritage Museum and Chengdu Museum were built, using a large area of copper plates. The Chengdu Museum uses 20,000 square meters of copper plates, the largest in the world.
Glass reinforced concrete slab (GRC Slab)
In China, GRC curtain wall structure research was carried out as early as the 1960s, but the alkali resistance of glass wire was not solved at that time, so GRC was not widely used in engineering. Due to the emergence of alkali – resistant glass, the application of GRC products has widened the prospect. GRC can have a variety of colors, the surface can be made into a variety of patterns and shapes.

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