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Dealing with light pollution

The emergence of light pollution problem is not to say that the glass curtain wall should not be done, but how to do it well. Current high-tech developments have put curtain walls.

To the development of material from a single glass steel plate, aluminum plate, alloy plate, marble slab, enamel sintering plate and so on, through the reasonable design, glass curtain wall and the material such as steel, aluminum, alloy curtain wall together, not only can make the high-rise buildings more beautiful, can more effectively reduce curtain wall reflection caused by light pollution, can further reduce the weight of tall buildings, Give full play to the advantages of curtain wall building materials.
The degree of influence of reflected light from glass curtain wall depends on the intensity of directional reflected light, which can be weakened by fully transparent or translucent glass
The intensity that reflects light, major light shoots indoor directly, certainly cause indoor temperature to rise. At present, there are two possible forms of construction:
(1) Double glass ventilation structure. This structure has different functions in different seasons. In summer, put down the translucent shutter, open the exhaust pipe and vent, through the shutter reflection can remove most of the radiant heat. In winter, close the vent, turn off the exhaust fan, double glazing can play the role of heat preservation, prevent indoor heat loss, the disadvantage of doing so is the investment cost is larger.
(2) Infrared thermal structure. Through the infrared characteristics of the dielectric film coating, the use of heat absorption water pipe can absorb most of the heat energy in the sun as a part of the building’s hot water source, heat source, no matter summer and winter can be effectively used. The shortcoming is that the thickness of the glass curtain wall is required to be large, but it can be adjusted by hanging out the curtain wall and other measures.
Plays an key role in glass curtain wall glass, according to some of the parameters carefully choose glass curtain wall of glass types, choose glass with reduce glare, light climate parameters, these parameters including site of visible light transmission, reflection coefficient and transmission coefficient of the sun, reflection coefficient and absorption coefficient, and heat transmission coefficient, thermal expansion coefficient, And thickness, maximum size, weight, wind resistance, etc. It is well known that glass has the properties of transmission, absorption and reflection of light. The glass curtain wall uses different types of curtain glass window according to these characteristics. The glass used for glass curtain wall generally has transparent glass, colored glass, endothermic glass, coated glass, coated glass, laminated glass and photochemical glass. The advantages and disadvantages of these glass facades can be learned from the glass used on them.

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