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The glass curtain wall serves as the outer wall

When we talk about curtain wall, we can think of it as a system that covers the outer part of the wall. We call it a peripheral system.
Some people also call it decoration system, it can be seen that it is a great improvement of the aesthetic feeling and image of the whole building, showing the modern decoration trendy. When glass curtain wall was introduced into China in the 1980s, it was all the rage and was widely used in first-tier cities. Popular behind is not only beautiful, but also due to its diverse functions, certain displacement function, temperature insulation, plasticity, good sense of space, convenient construction.

The growth of an industry, inevitably after the wilderness period. In the early stage of its development, it was once dubbed as a “white polluter”. It could transmit light and reflect light, and the reflected noise caused a lasting impact on the traffic and residents’ lives nearby. Some inferior products color uneven, especially in the gray area, simply became a good place to hide dirt, not only did not add “light” for the city, but some lose “face “; Dirtiness also makes modern curtain wall to maintain and clean. Once reported “glass rain”, it is also about the phenomenon of glass after the explosion, which has been over-interpreted, poor fire prevention, easy water seepage and so on did not imagine serious.
In the face of these situations, modern glass curtain wall constantly through the projection pattern, change coating film, improve the material, innovative technology, standard construction and other forms, which become one of the main choice of high-rise curtain wall building.
The glass curtain wall is used less on the side of the self-built house. A distinction should be made between Windows and curtain walls: Windows are located in the main structure of the house and are discontinuous between Windows; The curtain wall, the peripheral properties mentioned above, is not within the structure and is continuous. In self-built villas, curtain walls and curtain glass windows are sometimes not clearly demarcated.
In the self-built house, the large area of curtain wall is basically concentrated in the entrance wall; Next, it is the sitting room space that one second floor gets through: The use of more people is often given priority to with ordinary Windows, especially the effect of the whole body window, it is the most outstanding, the whole body window of the whole wall has both the characteristics of the window, through the window cover will be connected in series with each layer of Windows, with cement or flower board decoration in the middle, more atmospheric at the same time, to strengthen the integrity and visual impact.

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