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Aluminum curtain wall notes

1. It is necessary to carry out scientific mechanical calculation on each important part of the curtain wall system, consider the influence of wind pressure, dead weight, earthquake, temperature and other functions on the curtain wall system, carefully check the embedded parts, connecting system, panels and fasteners to ensure the safety of the curtain wall.
2. Whether the plates use floating connections
The floating connection ensures the recovery ability of the curtain wall after deformation, ensures the integrity of the curtain wall, and avoids the deformation caused by the acting force of the curtain wall, and avoids the occurrence of bulge or sag on the surface of the curtain wall.

3. The way the plates are fixed
The fixed way of plate plays a decisive role in the flatness of plate installation. The inconsistent force of each fixed point of the plate will cause the deformation of the surface material and affect the exterior decoration effect, so the fixed mode of the curtain wall panel must be fixed with fixed distance compaction to ensure the smoothness of the curtain wall surface.
4. Whether there are reinforcing measures at the edge disassembly of composite surface material
Because the folding edge of composite panel material only retains the thickness of the front plate, the thickness is thinner and the strength is reduced, so the edge must have reliable reinforcement measures.
5. Whether the back of the board is properly equipped with stiffeners to increase the strength and stiffness of the board.
The layout distance of the reinforcement and the strength and stiffness of the reinforcement itself must meet the requirements to ensure the use function and safety of the curtain wall.
6. Waterproof sealing method is reasonable
There are many waterproof sealing methods, such as structural waterproof, internal waterproof and rubber sealing. The price of different sealing methods is not the same. Choose the appropriate sealing method for the project to ensure the function and exterior decoration effect of the curtain wall.
7. Whether the selected materials meet the specifications, standards and design requirements.
At present, all sorts of building material fills building market, the quality of material is different also, choose qualified material, it is the foundation that assures curtain wall construction quality, must use strict check means and method in order to assure the quality of material. In a word, we should do our best to make sure the quality of the curtain wall construction and pay more attention to the detail issues.

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