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composition technology of glass curtain wall

High-strength fireproof glass: high-strength potassium fireproof glass is a high-strength and high-safety fireproof glass that can be used for curtain wall building exterior walls. Its strength is 15 times that of tempered glass. The broken particles are smaller than toughened glass, the fire resistance is more than 1h~3h, and the weather resistance is the same as that of ordinary float glass. Because of its excellent performance of safety and fire prevention, it has been widely used in engineering.

Laminated glass: laminated glass is a tough polyvinyl butyraldehyde (PVB) intermediate film sandwiched between glasses, processed by high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, when the laminated glass is broken by extraordinary external forces, the glass fragments will adhere firmly to the PVB intermediate film, and there will be no sharp glass fragments falling off or pointing beyond the glass surface, which makes the possibility of people in contact with it (especially teenagers) being hurt or injured by broken glass almost zero. PVB film can absorb a lot of impact energy and make it decay rapidly. When laminated glass is used in daylighting ceiling, skylight, suspended ceiling and overhead ground, even if the curtain wall window is broken, it will not fall down and hurt people. PVB film on the acoustic wave blocking effect, so that laminated glass can effectively block the propagation of sound, reduce noise. Laminated glass has a very high uv blocking effect (up to 99% or more), helping to protect valuable indoor furniture curtains, exhibits or other items from uv radiation.
Hollow glass: Hollow glass is a glass component made of two or more pieces of glass separated by aluminum frames filled with adsorbent and sealed with high strength sealant. Insulating glass seals the air inside the space to form a heat and sound insulation barrier. If inert gas is filled in the space, the heat insulation and sound insulation performance of the modern curtain wall product can be further improved.

Tempered glass: tempered glass mechanical strength is more than 3 times ordinary annealed glass, broken into small obtuse particles, will not cause major harm to the human body, high bending strength, 3 times ~4 times larger than ordinary glass, can withstand the temperature difference is 2.5 times ~3 times of annealed glass, belongs to the legal safety glass, Good thermal stability, widely used in mechanical strength and safety requirements of the place.
Thermal reflection coated glass is also known as sunlight control film glass: it is formed by plating a layer or multi-layer metal compound film on the surface of high quality float glass. It can effectively control the amount of direct solar radiation, with rich and colorful reflection tone and excellent decorative effect, as well as good indoor and curtain wall structure shielding function, at the same time has ideal visible light transmittance and reflectivity, but also can reduce the transmission of ultraviolet light.

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