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curtain wall sunlight analysis

According to the test results, after equipped with horizontal and vertical shading modules, the shading effect of unit curtain wall system is significantly improved, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of indoor air conditioning in summer, but the lighting rate is affected. Taking Shanghai as an example, the annual average indoor illumination is 174.45lux; The illuminance is lower than 30Olux where the depth of the room exceeds about 2.0m. The annual average sunshine rate was 3.49%; The lighting rate is less than 3% where the room is deeper than about 3.5m. , artificial light source needs to be set. In summer, when the shading module is active, the day-lighting rate and indoor illumination can be further improved, and the indoor radiation heat gain will be further reduced, so that the curtain wall glazing can get significant energy saving effect.

In terms of indoor visibility, for a 6m(room)×6m(depth) room, except for the very small area near the edge and corner of the room near the curtain wall, most of the room is visible. If the movable factor of the shading device is taken into account, more than 90% of the indoor visible area required by LEED certification can be achieved. Finally, in the analysis of the sun shielding rate of curtain wall, its energy saving effect is the most significant, reaching 35%. Therefore, reasonable curtain wall shading design can greatly improve the energy consumption of the building. In particular, the curtain wall products equipped with movable shade modules of integrated design can better reduce the building’s solar radiation heat gain in summer without reducing the overall thermal performance of the curtain wall, and the shade modules can be adjusted to the appropriate position in winter, so as to be more conducive to increasing indoor lighting and reducing heating energy consumption.
As the functional components of the system are designed and developed to reduce energy consumption, it can minimize the heat loss of the curtain wall price and reduce the energy consumption of the building. The design concept of system modularization can also be combined with different user needs to create different solutions, and there is no need to add or subtract a function to redesign and customize. To sum up, green curtain wall products with modular design are in line with national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, and can promote industrial upgrading and technological development at the same time. Its advanced modular, integrated design concept and supporting products have great potential in the future curtain wall technology and market development.

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