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Curtain wall safety inspection

The existing curtain wall safety inspection and appraisal work is different from the general curtain wall performance inspection, so the existing curtain wall inspection institution cannot be simply used as the existing curtain wall safety inspection and appraisal institution. Both curtain wall safety inspection, identification and treatment, as the patient to hospital, you first need to check by the doctor, if necessary by the doctor to arrange again the examination of the body organs, such as blood tests, ultrasound, CT and so on, to check the results come out by the doctor again according to the result of inspection instrument comprehensive judgment and put forward the scheme of treatment, suit the remedy to the case for treatment. Thus it can be seen that the existing curtain wall inspection needs professional and experienced building curtain wall practitioners, including senior professionals who have been engaged in modern curtain wall design, construction and management for a long time, and can fully master and be familiar with curtain wall specifications and detection methods.

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According to the inspection procedures and inspection contents, the existing problems of the curtain wall are inspected on site and the engineering files are checked. According to the different inspection results, the further detection requirements of curtain wall performance are put forward, including detection items, detection schemes and detection methods, etc. Through the special test, and then according to the test results to determine the existing problems of the curtain wall structure and make a reliability appraisal report. At present, there are not many curtain wall inspection institutions with such capabilities. We should timely establish professional inspection institutions for existing curtain walls to meet the increasing needs of existing curtain wall inspection. Because the existing curtain wall safety inspection is basically on-site, especially for concealed engineering and structural sealant on-site inspection, there is no good detection method. In order to adapt to the characteristics of existing curtain wall testing, we must further study and develop some new testing technologies, such as field nondestructive testing technology, which can not only find existing problems of existing curtain wall, but also maintain the integrity of existing curtain wall.

In order to improve the current status of both the curtain wall, and improve the safety degree of both the curtain wall building in our country, we should strengthen safety supervision, the establishment of standardization and legalization construction curtain wall market order and idea, strictly implement the person both the curtain wall and safety management system and safety inspection system and complete the formulation and implementation of existing curtain wall standards and specifications as soon as possible.

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