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Curtain wall contamination

The curtain wall of a building is a supporting structural system and panels, relative to the main curtain wall structure has a certain displacement capacity, which do not share the role of the main structure of the building envelope or decorative structure. Usually according to the panel material, the building curtain wall can be divided into glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall, stone curtain wall and other artificial plate curtain wall. Curtain wall as the outer wall of the building, not bearing, in addition to sound insulation, heat insulation, rain and other functions, but also has a good decorative, so that the whole building to achieve beautiful; With the development of curtain wall materials, architects can achieve the architectural decoration effect that was difficult to achieve before through the design of architectural curtain wall. It can be said that the architectural curtain wall is a beautiful scenery line that decorates the modern city. However, in a large number of curtain walls standing in the city, some of the panels become dirty after a period of use, seriously affecting the beauty of the building, and even less than half a year after the completion of the project, the curtain wall became tearful, horrible to see. Curtain wall pollution has become a serious problem for owners and curtain wall design and construction units.

The performance of osmotic pollution is the surface discoloration of the panel material caused by the infiltration of oil-like substances into the panel material in contact with the glue seam. This phenomenon generally occurs in the adjacent plastic seam panel material, more common in stone curtain wall, in addition to stone curtain wall, ceramic plate, fiber cement board and other modern curtain wall materials also have engineering cases found infiltration pollution phenomenon.

In addition to infiltration pollution, it is found that most curtain wall panels have “flow mark” pollution phenomenon, that is, pollutants under the action of rain water on the curtain wall panel vertical flow pollution, “flow mark” can be observed above and below the glue seam. Vertical flow pollution not only appears in stone curtain walls and aluminum curtain walls exposed to the outdoors, but also can be observed on glass curtain walls. On the premise that the curtain wall construction is not cleaned, vertical flow pollution will gradually become obvious with the extension of time and the accumulation of pollutants. In the process of experiment, we found that some samples appeared vertical flow pollution phenomenon after about 3 months. After the phenomenon of vertical flow pollution occurs, it is particularly obvious in the light-colored stone and aluminum curtain wall, which has a great impact on the overall beauty of the curtain wall.

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