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Why to choose carbon steel pipe for your projects

Carbon steel pipes do have a wide range of uses for a variety of applications in life. For example, they are used for low pressure conveyance of gas, water, oil, air steam or other fluids. They are used in machinery, buildings, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, and water wells. For applications where corrosion protection is critical, carbon steel pipe can be painted or galvanized. For instance, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is such a typical steel pipe in the steel pipe market. The zinc forms a layer on the outside of the base pipe, subject to corroding first when the steel pipe is exposed to air or moisture in use. In short, carbon bonds chemically with the iron in steel alloys, creating a much harder material than pure iron. However, as the carbon content increases, the material becomes harder but more brittle, or prone to breaking under stress or load.

Carbon steel pipe can be divided into two major categories: cold rolled steel pipe and hot rolled steel pipe. Specifically, cold-rolled (allocated) not only comprises general carbon steel pipe steel pipe, low pressure boiler pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking pipe and other steel pipes, but also includes carbon thin-walled steel, alloy thin-walled steel, stainless thin-walled stainless steel pipe, as well as special- shaped steel pipe. The dimensional accuracy of cold-rolled is higher than that of hot-rolled. Hot-rolled carbon steel tube is divided into general, low, medium pressure boiler pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking pipe, geological steel pipes and other steel pipe.

Galvanized steel pipe generally has the rational cost effective in the market. Compared with other typical steel pipe coatings, such as specialized painting and powder coating, galvanization is much more labor-intensive, resulting in a higher initial cost for contractors. Besides, due to its durability and anti-corrosive properties, galvanized steel pipe can recycled and reused, which to some degree save a lot of money during the post maintenance work. Unlike other structural steel materials, galvanized steel is immediately ready for use when it is delivered. No additional preparation of the surface is required, no time-consuming inspections, additional painting or coatings are needed. Once the structure is assembled, contractors can immediately begin the next stage of construction without having to worry about the galvanized steel materials.

Since steel is non-combustible and makes it harder for fire to spread, it is good to use when building homes. Steel frame buildings are more resistant to natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes, lightning strikes, and earthquakes. Mild steel pipe is highly resistant to shock and vibration. Fluctuating water pressure or shock pressure from a water hammer have little effect on steel. Today’s heavy traffic conditions impose much stress on roadway foundations. Carbon steel pipe is practically unbreakable in transport and service, and for this reason it is okay to lay water mains under roadways.

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