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Measures and suggestions

(1) At the government level
First, overall coordination, adhere to the total amount of crude steel control. Comprehensive consideration of policy continuity, national resource security requirements and the rapid growth of steel production in recent years and other factors, especially in the future, the downward pressure of the economy will gradually increase, steel market demand of rectangular steel tube will fall, it is suggested to continue to control the total output of crude steel, to prevent the blind increase of crude steel production. On the basis of the implementation effect of this year, we will timely sum up experience and deficiencies, and seek truth from facts, improve and optimize the crude steel production limit policy in combination with future market demand and economic development.

The second is to implement precise policies and differentiated production restrictions. According to the enterprise carbon emission, energy consumption double control, environmental protection level and other indicators, rely on the market, rule of law means to reduce crude steel output, classified policy, avoid sharing the task of simple reduction; The crude steel output benchmark target should be set scientifically and reasonably. For the high-quality production capacity, the output statistics are not comprehensive or the output is not included in the statistics, the China steel tube manufacturers should be given a reasonable output index based on a certain capacity utilization rate, so as to truly achieve the “retention and pressure”.

Third, strengthen the industry operation monitoring, timely early warning. Guide local governments to implement the direct reporting system for key iron and steel enterprises within their jurisdictions, monitor the supply of raw materials, production, sales and key projects of enterprises, accurately grasp the operation situation of the iron and steel industry, timely detect budding problems, timely put forward early warning suggestions for black iron steel pipe, and ensure that the iron and steel industry operates within a reasonable range.

(2) At the enterprise level
One is to strengthen industry self-discipline and reduce homogeneous competition. Iron and steel enterprises should improve their political position, strengthen industry self-discipline, actively cooperate with the corresponding reduction of crude steel output of the state, province and city, adhere to the production on demand, and actively control the excessive growth of output for carbon steel pipe. At the same time, continuous structural adjustment, management refinement and technological innovation, reduce the homogenization of competition between enterprises, and constantly improve the quality of their own development, and promote the promotion of industry discourse and competitiveness.

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