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Dual carbon target for steel pipe

It is not modest to say that China’s steel industry has stood at the forefront of the world’s steel production, and a variety of indicators have reached the forefront of the world. However, although we have already produced 1 billion tons of crude steel, we still face great environmental pressure. We have to think about the environment not only from the point of view of the region where the steel plant is located, but also from the point of view of national carbon emissions and global climate change. The gap is a bit bigger than the gap that increased production of China hollow section to become the world’s steel power. At present, 90% of our steel industry is still long process, and the consumption of carbon is very large. In the middle of this century, there will be a large amount of scrap steel savings, in the near future, just like the United States, there will be waste cars recycling, dismantling, packaging industry. The American method is to produce in the evening when the energy consumption of the whole society is relatively low, the energy cost is very low, the total energy consumption is relatively small. In the future China steel tube factory can also take this road, the society’s scrap steel back, during the day it is broken, squeezed into blocks, at night open the furnace steel. This is also an effective technology solution for achieving our goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, which can be spread across the country.

Carbon peak and carbon neutrality will be a major task throughout the steel industry in the realization of the second Centenary goal. We will unswervingly promote the green and low-carbon development of the whole industry, and make contributions to the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality as scheduled. In the face of the challenges that the intensity and scale of steel consumption of black iron steel pipe are still growing, the metal reserve is insufficient, and we have to deal with the two major problems of pollutant control and carbon emission, it will take less time than the developed countries to realize the “double carbon” target, which means that the development concept and development mode of China’s steel will inevitably undergo profound changes. We must implement the General Secretary’s proposal to balance the relationship between development and emission reduction, overall and local, and between the short and medium term. We need to clear our minds and form consensus, integrate the strength of industry, universities, research and application, drive green and low-carbon development through innovation, and strive to be pioneers in achieving the “double carbon” goal.

The steel pipe for sale has grown to such a huge size and scene that we could not have imagined many years ago. We are the most competitive industry in the tide of market economy. We have overcome difficulties one after another. But a turning point is being reached. With the “double carbon” target put on the agenda, mankind has entered a new period. For China, a big country with a population of 1.4 billion, the steel industry, as the second largest carbon emission industry, has a huge responsibility. It is very important for the low-carbon and green development with the “double carbon” goal as the core to explore the technological path to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality in the steel industry according to the characteristics and advantages of the national conditions.

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