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Lightning protection design for curtain wall

Lightning protection grounding of curtain wall should be incorporated into the design system and meet the design requirements. The lightning protection and electrostatic protection design of curtain wall system is to ensure the safety design of curtain wall project.

Good lightning protection and anti-static induction performance can ensure that the curtain wall is not struck by lightning or due to static fire and affect the normal use of the whole building indoor equipment. Because more than in the curtain wall system for corrosion protection, prevent noise, broken due to reasons such as set up heat insulating material, thus actually curtain wall of the lightning protection and antistatic facility is necessary, we mainly consider the modern curtain wall design should guarantee the whole curtain wall framework with continuous and effective electric conductivity, design according to the standard of national ministries and lightning protection design and requirements. The curtain wall we designed itself has lightning protection and anti-static protection system and the connection design with the whole lightning protection system of the building.
(1) The metal parts of the curtain wall itself shall be connected by good conduction and have multiple reliable grounding with the main grounding system.
(2) The anchor bar of the embedded part of the curtain wall located at the pressure equalizing ring must be connected with the longitudinal reinforcement of the beam at the pressure equalizing ring.
(3) The vertical main profile of the curtain wall frame fixed on the floor with pressure equalizing ring must be connected with the pressure equalizing ring, and the insulation layer on the surface should be polished off at the connection point.
(4) In our method, the horizontal and vertical main profiles of the curtain wall are connected by a number of screws and play a role of connectivity at the same time. The beam on the vertical main profile that is connected to the main lightning protection system must be connected to the vertical main profile.
(5) On the facade of the curtain wall, the vertical main profile located in the equalizing ring floor every 10 meters is communicated with the vertical main profile fixed in the equipping ring floor.
(6) curtain wall building as a composite system, local uses a large amount of metal components, prone to electrostatic induction, when the sky thunder clouds instantaneous discharge, cloud and the electric field of the earth suddenly disappeared, with corresponding speed will produce up to more than thousands of volts for status, the electrostatic induction voltage cause harm to people and equipment. The effect of static electricity on the curtain wall must be eliminated.

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