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Team construction among steel pipe groups

As we all know that where there is an company, there is a team. In other words, the importance of team construction is self-evident. In addition, team construction is always to be put at the company’s core schedule to keep normal operation and further development of an enterprise. In a word, team construction is a very important link in the whole development process for a steel pipe manufacturer.

steel pipe groups

This weekend, Dong Peng Bo Da steel pipe group, a large professional steel pipe manufacturer in Tianjin Daqiuzhuang, will organize a team construction with several brother companies which are also time-honored steel pipe enterprises. Our group has always attached great importance to the team construction in the past several years, which achieve great progress in terms of improving pipe sale volume such as galvanized steel pipe. For this team construction, our destination is Ye sanpo, a famous tourist in north China. Through this short trip, we not only relax ourselves, but also get further more professional knowledge of our products like various welded steel pipe.

Ye sanpo, is a national key scenic spots with its unique charm and it is popular with tourists from home and abroad. The national scenic area is located in the west of Beijing, northwest of hebei province. It is known as the natural landscape of ‘the male, the danger, the odd, the deep’ and the ancient historical relics. It lies in the intersection of two great mountains in northern China(taihang mountains and yanshan mountains). it has the complete address, river terrace and landscape relics and is a vivid geological textbook, a natural geological museum, which concentrate the evolution history about the geological structure for 3 billion years. On the way to the mountain, we can find that cold rolled steel pipe is widely used everywhere. This type of pipe is always seen as an important building material in the construction field.

In this team construction, we play lots of games to enhance our relationships to keep the stable atmosphere although steel pipe price is fluctuated. As a rule, steel pipe price is subject to a variety of factors in the steel pipe market and we should make an objective analysis of various changes. In a word, this is a very meaningful activity and we have get a lot from this team construction. Our mind has been broadened and it also enhances our friendship of communication both among staff as well as brother companies. All these can demonstrate that team construction is a long-term work for a company and leader should pay more attention on this aspect on regular basis.

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