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Future Development Foreground for Group Corp. in Tianjin

As is known to all , Da Qiuzhuang, a household name in steel industry, is one of the largest steel pipe production base in the northern part of China, for you will always find various steel pipe suppliers with diverse types of pipes to cater to your requirements. DongPengBoDa Steel Pipe Group is located in there. Group Corp. was founded in 2006 with a registered capital of 205million RMB. It has four subsidiary companies, including Tianjin Tianfeng Steel Pipe Co., Ltd, Tianjin Tianwang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd, Tianjin FWS Trading Co., Ltd and DongPengBoDa (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd. After years of hard work, today’s Group Corp. has formed a diversified investment pattern. Meanwhile, with the development requirements of innovative industrialization, Group Corp. also gives full play to its strengths to gradually achieve comprehensive promotion in scale, structure, quality, efficiency and etc.

Generally speaking, production capacity mainly dominates the potential development for one steel pipe enterprise. Furthermore, the production capacity of an enterprise is not only determined by productivity, but also the power and quality assurance to support the enterprise in the long run. Delightedly, Group Corp. all along keeps moving towards this target. Nowadays, Group Corp. has a total number of 17 steel pipe production lines with strict processing technique per as ISO9001and always strives to provide high quality products of various cold rolled steel pipe sizes to cater to diverse requirements of clients.

At home, almost all the people in steel industry can make a distinction between various galvanized steel pipes. Here we would be grateful to review the knowledge again. In general, there are 3 common types of galvanized pipes in the real applications, such as pre galvanized steel pipe, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe and electro galvanized steel pipe. Concerning galvanized steel pipe, it can’t be denied that there will cause high costs of zinc coating. However, we cannot attribute the high costs simply to the rising prices that is caused by the increasing materials costs.

Last but not the least, as we all know, zinc, as a kind of heavy metal will cause pollution to the natural environment and our living surroundings. Therefore, manufactures can not underestimate a fact that environmental protection requirements will to some extent influence steel pipe prices as well. In the long run, it will become a significant long-term development strategy for Group Corp. and even every steel enterprises in Tianjin to struggle to achieve green operation development model so as to better practice the sustainable development policy in future.

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