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Introduction of galvanized steel pipe and its price issue

With the commencement of social construction in today’s large cities, the steel pipe market remains a prosperous condition. The application of steel pipe has been reflected very clearly in the construction area during this period. In addition to the ordinary steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe is the most popular one among these types of steel pipes. Due to its good insulation performance, they are widely used in the construction project. Now we will talk about some basic knowledge of this type of steel pipe.

At first, according to the cross section of steel pipe, it can be divided into square tube and round tube. The cross section difference also exists in galvanized steel pipe. It can also be classified into cold rolled steel pipe and hot rolled steel pipe depending on the raw material craft. Generally speaking, the application scope of round pipe is more extensive than square tube.
galvanized steel pipe


For galvanized steel pipe, there is also some differences in the method of galvanizing which include cold galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing besides the difference of cross section. So what is the hot dip galvanizing and cold galvanizing? In general, if the steel pipe is galvanized in a solution of zinc, it will be called hot dip galvanized which can form a layer of zinc coating on the surface of steel pipe. While the method of cold galvanizing is easier than the method of hot dip galvanizing that is brushing a layer of zinc on the steel pipe surface. The zinc coating of hot dip galvanized steel pipe is more thick comparing to cold galvanized pipe and the insulation effect will also be better. Of course, steel pipe prices is also different because of their different performance, so the price of hot dip galvanized steel pipe is high. It will also affect the environment in the process of production and the shape of galvanized square tube is a little special which also affect its cost.

The impact of environmental requirements for galvanized steel pipe price is very obvious. With more and more environmental governance issues are concerned, the production cost of this type of steel pipe will be higher and higher. The international environmental organization control standards of products in strict so the environmental costs will be considered in production, which increase the price of the entire product.

For galvanized steel pipe, the relationship between name and the application of steel pipe is obvious. Because the zinc layer has a very good insulation effect, so they are widely used in a number of areas of electricity and related fields. Steel pipe manufacture in China will do their best to meet the request of customers and provide all-rounded after-sale services.

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