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External surface treatments of galvanized steel pipes

The application of galvanized steel pipes is seen most often in our daily life. From steel pipe surface, all kinds of galvanized steel pipe seem to be similar. But when we want to know more information about galvanized steel pipe, we may find more differences among them such as steel pipe shape, steel pipe price and so on. What determine steel pipe price? Actually, different processing methods and pipe shapes can have something on steel pipe price because of cost. And the cost can affect the pipe sale price directly. However, do you know what kind of external surface treatment of galvanized steel pipes?

galvanized steel pipe

If you want to make international trade, you may be more meticulous on detail differences such as the word ‘tube’ and ‘pipe’ in the foreign trade English. In fact, they refer to different pipe types in some regions. However, both of them belong to cold rolled steel pipe and have a high requirement for corrosion-resistance property. So how to improve anti-corrosion ability? In current steel pipe market, there are two kinds of galvanizing methods, hot and cold. Different processing methods lead to different application condition and other performances.

For hot galvanizing processing method, it is mainly using physical pattern. Between steel plate and coating, the method of using hot dipping can produce a viscous alloy layer. This kind of alloy layer can not only closely connect with steel plate, but also with the surface metal coating together. Therefore, the property of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is that the zinc coating is thicker compared with cold galvanizing pipe on a scale of 8 to 10μ. And another feature is that the thermal plating cost is high and the price is relatively expensive, which add to financial reverse of small-scale pipe enterprises. So processing method should be chosen on your own demands.

What about cold galvanizing? Cold galvanizing process, in other words, is also called electric galvanizing. The characteristic of cold galvanizing steel tube is poor zinc quantity with about 10 to 50 grams per square meter that is not evenly applied. There are loads of fluctuations in the steel pipe market including the increase of power cost as well as labor cost. Therefore, we should make a comprehensive consideration when setting steel pipe price. The whole production process should be supervised in every step to avoid troubles in the near future. Any doubts? Looking forward to your email.

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