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Cold-formed steel

Cold-formed steel, like most other type steels, which is formed with rollers and presses so as to make it the desired size and shape and it is not formed with heat. Cold rolled steel pipe is lighter than other steel pipes because of the cold rolling processing and it is also somewhat elasticity. Compared with hot-formed steel which is difficult to warp, cold steel is relatively easy to make and bend for manufacturers. Cold-formed steel is often used to make cars and any other buildings.

Because of very hot temperatures, the steel pipe will be melted the same with other steel pipes then it will be placed in a mold and cooled to form a shape that is formed in advance. In order to form correct specifications and shapes, the steel plates which is the raw material of the cold-formed steel are rolled and stamped. The steel can take on intended shapes with the procedure of bending and pressing such as square steel pipe or L-shape pipe. While the process is not cold enough and it is ascribed to the heat which is caused by friction and movement so the additional pressure is needed.
cold formed steel building

Comparing to hot steel, we can find that the cold formed steel is much more lighter which abate the steel pipe prices and makes it available for lightweight applications. Additionally, cold formed steel is more elasticity than hot steel, one is around 29489 kilo-pounds per square inch while the other is 2899.

The cold formed steel will be easier to work with because of its increased elasticity and the original deformation caused by rollers, which can make steel form a variety of shapes at a workshop. Cold steel can be made to meet most requirements of the customers and steel pipe manufacturers attribute that to the versatile property of the cold steel. Hot steel is very difficult to warp and it usually come into being a standard type which make it good for support but it is not very well in detailing. The projects that need to be elasticity and lightweight have a large demand in cold steel. We can take cars as an example. The steel frames of cars should possess the performance of tractility so that it can be easily bend to the desired shape in addition the steel still has to be light to make the car move quickly. Hot steel is widely used in constructions like buildings if the steel have to support a massive amount of weight.

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