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Sale problem after the production of the galvanized steel pipe

For any industry, there always exists consumption problem. That is to say whether there is a demand for certain products such as galvanized steel pipe in the steel pipe market or not, sale problem is a very important issue for all the steel pipe suppliers. As we all know, Tianjin steel pipe is very famous in the whole country. However, after the production of steel pipe in Tianjin, how to sale it? For any product, there are two main aspects of the consumption channel. One is the domestic sales and one is the export. The so-called internal marketing is domestic consumption and export is the export of foreign trade. For Tianjin steel pipe, both domestic and foreign sales account for a large proportion of the consumption market. In terms of domestic sales, demand quantity of galvanized square pipes is quite large.

galvanized steel pipe

In the production aspect of the square steel pipe, there are two kinds of galvanizing models. One is hot galvanizing and the other one is cold galvanizing. What is hot galvanizing? The square tube should be placed in zinc chemical solutions so that the surface of the steel tube can be plated zinc. After cooling, there will be a layer of zinc on the steel pipe surface. Cold galvanizing refers to a layer of zinc on the surface of steel tube by the instrument brush compared with hot dipped galvanizing. The more serious problem of cold galvanizing is that the zinc layer is too thin to meet the need of production operation standards. However, the steel pipe price is higher for hot dipped galvanized steel pipe. Its main cost come from the impact on environmental pollution and the cost of reducing environmental protection.

Due to the pollution problem and the zinc content, the problems in the foreign trade of galvanized steel pipes have been difficult to solve. Environment-protection products become more and more popular. For this aspect, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe sometimes encounter barriers to trade although its application range is large in all walks of life. In order to reduce the pollution problem, steel pipe manufacturers do their best to improve production technology. Except for trade barriers, we also need to pay attention to downstream industries of galvanized steel pipes. Zinc is an insulating metal and the purpose of galvanizing the steel tube is to insulate it. This type of steel tube is required for many circuit piping installations.

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