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Improving the quality of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe

The quality of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is not only related to the sale volume of the products, but also has a great significance for safety production. For example, even though the square steel pipe has a breakthrough in the pipe price or the steel pipe specification, it is still difficult to win the trust of the market if the quality is poor. However, how to improve the pipe quality and win the customer trust?


First of all, we must strictly control the production process. As you know, the strict management of the production process is essential to ensure the quality of the product, which is more meaningful than understanding how to distinguish the galvanized steel pipe. In the process of production, the management problems should be refined from raw materials to every production process such as steel pipe inspection. All the links should be ensured to meet the country standard. Product quality is the life of enterprise. If there are unqualified products, it is irresponsible for customer. In order to improve the quality of our products, we must start with detail to manage the each production step of steel pipe strictly.

Secondly, we need to invest more in product development. High quality products can not be produced without the input of science and technology. For example, the problem like types and application of cold rolled steel pipe should be solved from the perspective of technology. Nowadays, customers have more demand for new products so we must invest more to research more desirable products. For small business, the technology power is quite weak, so it can combine other steel pipe suppliers to achieve the goal. They can share technique results to form cycle development, which is conducive to every steel pipe manufacturer with small scale.

Improving the quality of production personnel is also very important. High quality producers can improve the pipe quality to some extent. The improvement of pipe quality involves many aspects and the quality of the production personnel cannot be ignored especially for front-line operators. Therefore, steel pipe manufacturers should train production skills and common knowledge about steel pipe to ensure the production process is smooth. Staff talent is closely linked with the development of pipe enterprise and recruit link should be treated strictly. Every person who will work in a steel pipe factory should be qualified with relevant skills and certification. Do you know how to improve the quality now?

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