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Improving the competitiveness of products to penetrate abroad market

The main construction material of building industry is welded steel pipe and there are many manufacturers who engage themselves in pipe production enterprises, some of which have strong competitiveness. These pipe enterprises can try to enter the international market. Nowadays, domestic pipe market is filled with fierce competition. For welded square steel pipe, it takes advantages over other common steel pipes in terms of steel pipe price as well as pipe types. However, if pipe company want to expand market to enter into abroad market, how to adapt tactics to promote overall competitiveness.

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Relevant conditions and quality of entering the international market is very important for a steel pipe manufacturer such as recruiting professional talents. For example, the problem of understanding the relationship between pipe term and its application may need to be resolved by professional personnel although it is not an issue in the domestic pipe market. If not clear of this question, salesperson will be confused with the communication with customers and the process will not smooth. Talent resource is one of the core elements of competition in the international market. Therefore, steel pipe manufacturers should pay attention to cultivate talents and accept different kind of talents. And the talent problem should be promoted to the height of the strategy to arouse enough attention.

Secondly, understanding the competition rules of the international market is another tactics. For example, in the case of the fluctuation of steel pipe price, steel pipe companies should have a grasp of the problem to analyze the potential reason so that they can adjust their production plan timely. The environment of international market is more complex and changeable, so we should be more sensitive to the market rules if we want to seek survival and development in such market environment. Learning more rules of market competition about abroad market can give us a greater room for our own development. International market have many stringent requirements, which is also an opportunity for us, because we will pay more attention to these rules in the process of production. Besides, we should also summarize experience in the foreign trade to enrich our knowledge.

Environmental factor can not be neglected, which has been raised in recent years. There is a growing awareness of environmental protection especially in foreign countries, so we should pay attention to these factors when we are producing products and hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is a kind of environmental friendly product.

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