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Classification and performance profile of welded steel pipe

Steel pipe is a kind of common raw material in all walks of life. According to its application in the different environment., there is a big difference both in material choice and processing technology. Welded steel pipe is a kind of typical representative and the classification of this kind of steel tube is multiple. Besides, its performance is also countless. When it comes to steel pipe price, the impact of environmental requirements can not be neglected. Therefore, the price can not be explained without understanding classification. However, how to classify this kind of steel pipe? What is the basic product performance of the pipe? Now we will talk about that.

welded steel pipe

The welding method of steel tube is divided into arc welding tube, resistance welding tube, welding tube and so on. Among these classifications, welded steel pipe has many practical application especially in the use of oil drilling and all kinds of machinery manufacturing. Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is mainly used as water gas tube, which is the primary choice if people want to purchase steel pipes. And it is more closely linked with our daily life. However, if our classification method depends on the welding shape, it can be classified into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe. Making a comparison between straight seam welded steel pipe and spiral welded pipe, we can find that the production process of the former pipe will be more simple with higher production efficiency. In addition, the cost is lower, so it become more and more popular in the steel pipe market. The spiral welded pipe has high and more complex production requirement, which lead to a higher steel pipe price. But it has very good guarantee on the stability. It can be divided into large diameter pipe or small diameter pipe, which is suitable for different production and processing.

According to the pipe application, it can be divided into general welded pipe, galvanized welded pipe as well as deep well pump pipe. Considering different environments, steel pipe production and processing are quite different. Generally speaking, steel pipe manufacturer will consider the technology to make sure the products are desirable that meets the demands of the customers. There are also many types of square steel pipe based on their own performance and different application requirements. In a word, mastering pipe knowledge both in classification and in its performances is not an one-night job. Is it right?

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