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What factors will affect costs of galvanized steel pipe?

Relatively speaking, galvanized steel pipe cost is usually higher than other ordinary steel pipes. Generally speaking, it is subject to various factors from many aspects. On the other hand, in terms of steel pipe users, it seems necessary for them to have a great basic knowledge of this common pipe. It is beneficial to customers to further master what current situations in market based on steel pipe prices. Here we would like to have a brief description about what will have the effect on the cost of galvanized steel pipe.

galvanized steel pipe

Firstly, we should have some important basic knowledge that steel pipe can be generally divided into two major categories: welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. As a rule, seamless steel pipe is a little more expensive than welded pipe, for the former has much more difficulty in manufacturing and has higher processing costs as well. Secondly, steel materials also play an important role in pipe pricing. For instance, Q235 steel price is usually some lower than others. Furthermore, when compared with the pipes made of other different materials, it will become a little cheaper. Lastly, it can’t be denied that the only hot dipped galvanization processing to a great degree, affects the cost of galvanized steel pipe.

In addition, cold rolled steel pipe sizes can also be regarded as another important factor to influence the final pipe pricing. For instance, galvanized square steel pipe price is obviously different from round steel pipe. And longitudinally welded steel pipe has a lower production cost than spiral welded pipe. Besides, galvanized steel pipe will have different pricing per as its different applications in real life.

Last but not the least, with the development of society and the advancement of national modernization, environmental protection is becoming an very important factor not to be reckoned with in today’s steel industry. In a sense, it will have great influence on galvanized steel pipe costs, for there will produce a kind of toxic substance “zinc” during the galvanization processing. On the other hand, due to the strong requirements of environmental protection and green industrialization, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe price is significantly higher than other types of pipes. Furthermore, hot dipped galvanized conduit will be in a higher position when compared with other types of conduits or steel pipes.

In a word, what is mentioned above will somewhat benefit customers and also help them to make the rational judgment when they are to select and purchase their final satisfactory products in future.

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