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How to achieve overall breakthrough for pipe industry

As steel pipe market is sluggish caused by real estate industry, straight seam welded steel pipe is affected obviously. For steel pipe industry, if steel pipe suppliers want to make a breakthrough, they can not just wait for the recovery of real estate, but to seek other ways that can be effective. However, how to make measures for this industry? Actually, sluggish pipe market is the result of multiple factors not just real estate. One factor can cover one solution. Therefore, we can analyse related factors in particulars. Now, we can refer to professional opinions as follow.

welded steel pipe

First of all, we can talk about the production cost issue. As we all know, steel pipe price is critical to the overall development to some extent. Steel pipe price is what we believe sensitive for both customers and steel pipe suppliers. It is more difficult to win customer trust than to undercut steel pipe price that is unstable in different periods. In order to make overall breakthrough in the steel pipe industry, steel pipe suppliers should set a favorable price based on the interests of pipe enterprises. That means a competitive price will benefit the progress in the long run. So how to make price? Price formulation should refer to the standards of the overall industry but single manufacture. Besides, it also needs to be flexible to respond to different customers of various purchase ability. In short, special situation is allowed and adjustment is necessary.

Another aspect is product hierarchy, steel pipe specification, that is closely linked with sale volume. If your choice scope is small, customers will be attracted by other suppliers who have complete steel pipe specifications such as cold-formed hollow sections. Moreover, more customers require customized service that means a higher production requirement. Standard products can not meet all customers. For example, welded steel pipe as major building material is very popular among customers, but the order of special types is increasing, which call for a reasonable production depending on actual situation so as to get more customer orders.

Industry development is closely connected with personnel whose quality like professional knowledge is quite important. So regular training for staff should be listed on the routine plan. Qualified people involved in pipe industry can provide customers with first-rate services. Therefore, steel pipe manufactures should recruit more high-quality people by different channels, and then enterprises will have better development. Any questions about it?

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