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The wide range of application and specifications of ERW pipe

The process of electric resistance welded steel pipe(ERW pipe) is rolled up with a cold-rolled steel or hot rolled steel sheet. The welding method on the device is using a straight seam welding method. All pipes which is obtained from this process called ERW. Why do we call them like this? Because there is a straight line in all of the welded steel pipes and the title derives from that.


ERW steel pipes and tubes are available in various qualities, wall thicknesses, and diameters of pipes and this pipe is widely used and there is also some differences in the production process. Some pipes are produced into scaffolding pipes and others are made into fluid conduit. As the wire threading pipe, guardrail tube or stent , etc. , we can almost everywhere see those pipes in our family or public facilities. The steel pipe prices is vary from the application and purposes of them. For example, the price of welded fluid conduit is about 4300 yuan per ton, while the common pipe is cheaper than that about 4200 yuan per ton. Of course, the price is not always stay the same, we should take into consideration of the factors that affect the price fluctuations of welded steel pipe market.

ERW welding steel pipe

The welded steel pipe which is produced according to the application is commonly in the market and the square tube specifications are also very diversely. The pipe must be used in some special industries so the price is different based on the market specifications. Overall, the main application of the pre galvanized steel pipe which is produced by straight seam welded is very large in chemical industry, power industry and urban construction and many other fields. The application of liquid delivery is mainly in water supply and drainage, when it is mainly used as a gas delivery transport, it will transport gas, liquefied petroleum gas and steam, etc., if it used as a kind of structure purpose, many of which is used as piling pipe.


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