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A comprehensive introduction to Tianjin steel pipe

For any product, as a commodity, the information consumers want to know is nothing more than three aspects, types, price ans application because information about these three aspects is the most important information relevant to the purchase and use of consumers. It is obvious and inclined to pay attention to these aspects. Tianjin welded erw steel pipe, as a very big pipe brand, occupies more than half of the steel tube of both domestic and overseas market. Do you know some basic information about Tianjin steel pipe? Today, we will make a comprehensive introduction to Tianjin steel pipe.

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The first information is steel pipe specification such as cold rolled steel pipe size. Tianjin steel pipe is a kind of welded steel pipe which is also a type of straight seam welded steel pipe. That is to say, when welding, the shape is a straight line and the surface is smooth. Besides, the shape is very standard such as round steel pipe. However, in order to meet the special market demand, the steel pipe under this brand is also produced into other types of steel pipe like rectangular or other irregular shapes. The specification of Tianjin steel pipe is divided according to the international standard which can be classified into a square pipe and a circular pipe. From the name, you can basically see the differences between these two pipelines and it is also very convenient and easy to distinguish them.

Generally speaking, the difference between the price of the square steel pipe and the round steel pipe is due to the consumption of the materials. The factors that affect the market price of any product are diversified, so are Tianjin steel pipes. For such a kind of steel tube, the consumption of raw materials is the main factor for a floating price. In the same situation, square pipe materials consumption is higher than that of circular pipe, so the price also will be higher than that of round steel pipe.

Of course, there are lots of factors have influences on steel pipe price. In addition to the influence of raw materials, some kinds of steel pipe are influenced by the environmental protection requirements. The most obvious is the galvanized steel pipe. Besides, production technology is also very important. There is a very wide scope for application in terms of Tianjin steel pipe such as some ordinary types of steel pipe and the tubes applied to some kinds of machines or other special occasions.

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